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Super slow motion attached. We can see something quite remarkable happening. The orbs dash inwards towards the plane before the flash happened. This is also visible in satellite footage but since it’s at another angle we see the orbs move forwards and inwards to the plane. Now here it gets interesting.

Look closely, just before disappearing the outline of the plane goes cold on the thermal. The orbs also appear to go cold just moments before the flash. This is followed by spacetime seeming to collapse in on itself and yielding a COLD region(middle) which we see as the extremely dark patch in the thermal video. The Energy is being sucked out of the space around it. There is also another ring of cold air visible on the outer edge.

But why do the orbs go inwards? Are they being pulled inwards due to the gravity of the wormhole opening as it bends space time?

Now why the bright flash? If such a disturbance of spacetime occurs, this may energize the photons outside the wormhole. This maybe due to sudden changes in the gravity. We see black hole accretion disks do this. Gravity pulls matter and makes it glow. Are we see something like that?

A very simple explanation “If this is even a sizeable wormhole, and some itty-bitty photon wanders into it, the photon gains more energy as it falls in and speeds up, and by the time it gets to the middle this photon has this enormous energy, and it overwhelms the negative energy holding the wormhole open and it collapses,” says Marolf. (

Now look at the frame by frame outline of the flash. We see a central low heat area outlined by a ring of low temp regions with higher temp regions in the between. The outer ring is the membrane of the wormhole, it’s also a bubble that forms around the craft as seen in the satellite footage. Not merely a circle in 2d that appears.

When the flash happens, the inside low energy area is small initially but then suddenly expands and then contracts back, with the outer ring. This is extremely specific. The specific change induced on the inside is causing the outside to collapse in on itself. That’s my theory. The inwards trajectory of the orbs is causing a gravitational field to appear that is so strong, matter from our end of the hole gets pulled in so fast, it leaves zero or low or very cold regions outside of it but creates a flash as the photons get energized.

While I hold no degree in physics, I have a weird interest in quantum mechanics and electromagnetism.

We NEED a serious physicist to verify this. A Hoaxer (s) will not be educated nor nuanced enough to incorporate the physics associated with such phenomenon.

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