PLEASE stop making the story about the Journalist and ESPECIALLY his family. He is trying to do his job (Please at least read my post before downvoting). Skeptics are coming here looking for our reaction. We should attack the story (him having PTSD does not change his credibility), not the person.

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I’m sorry but its been incredibly frustrating to see us try to rail against this Journalist. We should be encouraging MORE journalists look into these claims, not less. Bringing up his family is just too far, this is how Autocrats try to control the media. They rely on personal attacks, instead of logical arguments. This is how we look right now.

Any good journalist could have found this information, even one that was trying to find information to back up Grusch’s claims, legally and frankly easily (for a journalist). Grush was ON RECORD saying he had faced retaliation, and he mentions that HIS WIFE knew about it too.

Is it not at least SOMEWHAT plausible he could have been talking about a break-in at home, or a burgulary? They didnt JUST ask for information about his home, they also asked for ANY report with his name on it in the County. They were specifically looking for Police Reports, because its possible that retaliation he and his wife experienced was contained in the police reports. His wife bearing witness to it is key that makes you look in that direction.

If I had thought of this connection before, I would have thought it was a good idea to get any police reports, it could help support Grusch.

This guy found this information because he was good at the investigative part of his journalism.

Yea, I wouldn’t have posted this information once I had it; I dont think it changes anything about the case; but, I can see why someone would might feel obligated to, especially a curious skeptic (which are most journalists at this stage) who decided to actually put the time to look into this. Some journalists have some very strong ethical codes that they live by. Sure, some dont, and MAYBE that is the case with this guy. But its so super unlikely because how he found this information is totally reasonable and isnt a stretch. It makes a lot more sense for that to be the case.

He posted something I dont like. But thats just journalism. Sometimes people post things I dont like, that are true.

Does this information matter to me? Absolutely not, I still believe Grusch and dont think it impeaches his credibility at all.

Could I see it mattering to someone? Sure… thats why I dont like it. But thats also what journalists are supposed to do. Report on things that matter to people.

No matter who wrote this article, the content of it does not actually make a difference. PTSD does not affect his credibility, especially at this point. A TON of people in the Military (with clearances) have PTSD. If we didnt give out clearances because someone had PTSD there would be FAR fewer people with clearance.

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