Do you think all of the recent push for disclosure is because we’re getting close to the 12,500 year repeating cosmic apocalypse (that Graham Hancock has been warning us about?) It tracks if you think about it all in context… The concept of an imminent, secret threat to our society keeps getting tossed around. Maybe some of the world’s elite know we’re about to enter a planet killing debris field (again) and have been prepping to save their own asses by going underground or off-earth (with or without assistance from NHI.) It’s possible that with the technology and communication ability we possess today, that those of us not in the know (99% of us) would find out far enough in advance that it would screw up the 11th hour plans for the 1%. By “disclosing“ they can tell us whatever they want to still control the narrative and keep us looking at the dog the tail is wagging. This also fits with the idea that there are “good guys & bad guys” and leaves tons of room for all the various theories, players and disinformation that seems to be coming towards us at an increasing rate.

I would love to hear what people smarter than I am think about this idea.

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