Hello there, my name is Stephen and I’m 25 years old. My whole life I’ve been fascinated and curious about the ideas of E.T’s and other Cryptids we have in our history on Human Kind. But last night between 9:30-10pm on August 10,2023 I believe I witnessed my first sighting of a UFO. Now I’m not crazy, nor am I seeking attention. I’m just wanting answers and see if anyone else has seen what I seen on different accounts. Please excuse my rendition of my sighting, the only way I could best describe what I saw is that it looked like a White Nimbus Cloud from Dragon Ball. From my brief encounter it looked lumpy like a cloud, almost as it it was some type of camouflage straight out of the movie NOPE. It was almost pill shaped with an odd triangle “tail”. Also note this thing wasn’t high in the sky for me to mistake it from a satellite or a plane with the jet stream behind it. It was closer to the ground, probably at the height you’ll notice a bird flying at first take off. From my first notice of it, I continued to follow its flight path, but it weirdly vanished as I tried to pursue further. Now I’m not going to lie I’m mixed between excitement and possibly disappointment of getting my hopes up. If anyone wants to discuss similar sightings or even what it could possibly be feel free to post comments or message me directly. Thank you and have a good day.

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