Weirdly, I’ve been hyper locked in to this sub for three years but I got really overwhelmed, more than ever, the past few days as this stuff hit. I’m not, like, a normally overwhelmed guy at all. But the last few months on all fronts has been a lot.

Zoning back in tonight, honestly wanted to try and do it in passing and actually relax, but couldn’t help but posting this that began as a comment on the second of three (so far) dissertations on aspects of the MH370 videos. Linking these three here, they’re the most important parts of the very recent thread weirdly buoying after the Klippenstein/Grusch Intercept piece. (Which, I mean, come on.)

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Leaning hard into real. Grew up military watching jets and places, an then also as an A/V person. Honestly it’s not just the realistic cloud movement but also how real the contrails looks in the heat-vision-esque footage. (Sorry, have not had the capacity to follow this the way I normally would so I don’t know a more specific terminology.)

You’re still talking about realistic vapor movement either way. I’m a big movie person, and filmmaking’s most difficult aspect with CGI, along with eyes that also move chaotically but on a much more focused scale (real), has been tackling CG fire. I’ve noticed in the last couple of years that it’s finally started to look very real. No idea at all what the upgrade was there. Kind of an intense and mentally chaotic time period personally.

THE FIRST THING that really piques my interest is the movement of the camera in both angles. Because of the machine fixing of these cameras, the movement is boxing, erratic, hard to keep smooth. So if this was all a hoax, not only would someone(s) need to learn to animate virtually impossible effects like motion of clouds and vapor trails, they’d ALSO have to have done while making the false camera effect incredibly realistic, on top of the basic stuff like the plane and orbs, which are not basic here.

Not sure if I’ll get a chance at all before hanging with the wife and then work tomorrow. She’s going out of town Monday, so if nobody beats me to it, I’ll try to make a video and post about the PATTERNS the three lights are making. I’m too tired to downloaded/scrub and analyze/post. I’m sure somebody else will see this and make their own version. Happy to help.

THE BIGGEST THING that piques my interest are the changing patterns of these things.

I’m having trouble really tracking them, but it seems like three distinct patterns if you watch this timestamped video included in part two above.

THE LAST THING is that I’ve been a bit obsessed with noticing how most social media sites (except for the one run by the megalomaniac actually trying to ruin it), it looks like some phone apps/major tech updated the Monday day before the Grusch hearing to help with increased focus, information sharing, much more time-specific encoding. YouTube alone was getting there quickly and then made another more-specific jump on this date. I started writing about this, I’ll track it down later.

One of the big features across the internet seen in its platforms like YT and Twitter now at least (no idea what others might’ve adopted it) is the quick AI-captions that can then also be AI-translated. I had a feeling this would be important soon. Now we can watch a video in any language translated back to us. We are speaking the same language.

Realizing now that cross-referencing information and live-sharing of video and thoughts and feelings was the major upgrade to the largest functions of the internet live TV.

EDIT: Musk/Zuckerberg Roman Coliseum cage match are when UFOs are going to hover overhead–

“The fight will be managed by my (Musk) and Zuck’s foundations (not UFC),” Musk posted on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. “Livestream will be on this platform and Meta. Everything in camera frame will be ancient Rome, so nothing modern at all.”


One of the first things I see scrolling Twitter about the Russian military officer who possibly saw a UFO but avoided nuking the world:

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