In doing some research, I have found the uploader of the Vimeo footage, the user running the account on Vimeo. This is not through any nefarious means, but through a UFO blog that had his socials referenced.

However, I am not an expert in this footage. I have only looked at the Vimeo video directly, all other videos I have seen are from reposts on this sub. As u/JunkTheRat frequently points out, the Vimeo video is somehow the best quality of all the videos; I am curious about this, because if the Vimeo video is taken from RegicideAnon’s YouTube page, how is it better quality? Anyway, because of this, I am not sure what sort of questions I should reach out about to the uploader of the video.

Note: the reason why this Vimeo uploader is so relevant is because he claimed the video was uploaded to a separate UFO blog. If this was just a reupload of the YouTube video, this would not be anything eventful, but we have failed to find any such blog to discuss that video before the upload date of the Vimeo video (by searching for the URLs of RegicideAnon’s videos in Google).

So, what questions should be asked about the Vimeo video? I at least want to ask about the blog origin, and other information the user remembers (do note though, this all happened almost a decade ago, so I wouldn’t expect much detail, if any at all, in the responses).

Finally, in what method should this user be contacted? Should he be contacted? What should I start out with as an opening message? He speaks Spanish, so I would need to translate. Also, I would need to contact him on his social media, now on Vimeo or his blog; although they were linked, I wonder if this would be appropriate, given how he seems to have moved on from the contact of UFOs.

Let me know everyone’s thoughts on this, specifically regarding questions on the Vimeo video.

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