I am curious to what is the general opinion on the recent “disclosures” that we have been seeing it across the various medium’s, but I believe it may very well be possible that the likes of Mellon, Grusch, and Elizondo have a hidden agenda to manipulate the public on the UAP issue.

Reason being is that they are former government insiders who have always worked in high-level positions within the US intelligence and defense departments, which almost certainly means that they still have connections or interests in those sectors, as these 3 were always involved in the relationship between the us military and private companies that have contracts with the US government, and therefore funding from the US Army.

Furthermore, they have not provided any verifiable evidence to support their claims that the US government has alien vehicles and biologics and that they were denied access to secret programs related to UAPs. The fact that they also could not discuss more details in a public setting raises doubts about their credibility and motives.

IMO I dont think that they are motivated by a sense of duty or that they want to expose the truth about UAPs, I believe they may have their own governmental agenda for how the UAP issue should be handled and that they are working for or with some elements of the US government or military to influence the public perception and policy on UAPs, exploiting the same public interest and curiosity for additional funding on these programs and/ or some other govermant plan that we will.never know.

Again, this is my opinion, which may or may not be true. Whats yours?

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