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I understand that as a community we are collectively upset over the article just posted today at The Intercept, but for those at this subreddit that are visitors or members and are skeptical of Grusch’s testimony, UAPs and such, you should also be incredibly upset over this article.

Putting all conspiracies aside regarding the acquisition of said documents (through the Sheriff’s office), being potentially tipped off, etc., I just want to say that as a society, we should never be accepting of using a military and intelligence veteran’s personal struggles with PTSD as a means to write such a deplorable and appalling article to smear and discredit them — especially knowing that there is an active investigation with the ICIG regarding reprisal towards the individual. This article lacks integrity, and Ken should be ashamed for publishing such garbage.

For anyone to think they would use this information to smear a congressional testimony is beyond desperation, and is hands down bottom of the barrel journalism. If The Intercept wants to retain any remaining shred of credibility, they would take this article down and apologize to Grusch.

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