Admits to receiving tip from DOD and intelligence community – right at the start of the interview and repeatedly throughout. Claims Grusch’s alcoholism is reason to doubt claims – when pressed that this was ptsd related and no loner relevant, admits he has no evidence that this is an ongoing problem. Presents the PTSD of a veteran as “the other side” repeatedly to the claims of a “decorated war hero” – does the reporter believe people who serve are less of a hero when they struggle mentally after experiencing war?

Take everything as you will, but this guy would have done better keeping quiet about his reporting. The reporter speaks to other smear campaigns and hit jobs by the US government. If you apply these comments to his own article, it would be defined as a smear campaign.
I’m not making any comments as to the original claims from Grusch here – however it is grotesque to force someone to relive a dark time in their life just for some clicks when it really isn’t relevant to the discussion at hand.

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