First of all I don’t know what’s going on and neither do you. The best any of us can do is make informed speculation. I will entertain disagreeing viewpoints based on some kind of logical reasoning and/or evidence, but I will not tolerate various dismissive comments, obtuse/sarcastic rhetorical questions, and various forms of goalpost moving and question begging.

Unfortunately necessary preamble out of the way, my thesis to you is if you want to see the cause of UFOs advanced, the best thing you can do right now is take the L. I know it sucks. I know you wanted it to be real. I did too. But it’s falling apart. To maintain any credibility with normal people — a necessary precondition to any real discovery being made public — it is important to understand what happened with the newest (albeit more convincing) round of charlatans and regroup.

The most plausible explanation is that Grusch is a patsy who went rogue. It’s pretty obvious by now that the entire UAP kerfuffle since 2017 is intended as a psy-op in relation to the Pentagon’s massive corruption and budget fraud, which has been progressively uncovered more and more since roughly that time. How to explain all this money literally just disappearing? Monitoring and back-engineering UFOs! Little morsels here and there, the tiniest for the public, a little more for Congress. It is already well-established in publicly available and undisputed documents that the military industrial complex uses UFOs as a distraction. It’s the same playbook now with AARO and the like, except it’s targeted at Congress. It was set up to find nothing because there’s nothing to find. All this struggle is there so that when the DoD finally “relents” and admits to some tiny morself, Congress can claim victory, or at least progress. Meanwhile, the real issue, the massive budget fraud, remains untouched.

Elizondo and Grusch were clearly in on this to some degree, most likely in different roles. Elizondo seeding the questions. Grush was supposed to be a patsy whose job was to find nothing. But whether he went off the deep end (which now seems increasingly likely) or just got pissed off, somewhere he started believing all the BS disinfo that was floating around. To put it simply: Grusch was supposed to be like Elizondo and never say anything provable or disprovable. But he started believing and went rogue. Unlike Elizondo, he didn’t understand this was all just a game, with his earnest desire to be “UFO thought leader” etc. His autism made him an excellent analyst, but he was ill-suited for the kind of highly interpersonal political role he was thrust into before blowing the whistle. Now the Pentagon is out to get him because he stabbed them in the back and set off insane right wingers demanding the Pentagon provide materials that don’t exist. They set up Grusch for this role specifically because his background as an unstable person was very easy to find and they knew it would easily come to light.

Speaking of the congressional angle. Notice how the Left, which is almost always the sharpest critics of the Pentagon, is pretty subdued about this stuff? And it’s the Right who are foaming at the mouth? Two things going on: the Left figured out this was a shell game and decided not to get involved, since again, the real goal is to obscure the insane corruption within the military. The Right, pissed off that the bigwigs refused to go along with Trump’s coup, see this as an opportunity to try to get rid of them as payback and to clear the way for more pro-Trump brass ahead of 2024.

So let’s all keep our heads about us, keep watching the skies and keep pushing for legitimate inquiries. But to do that, for now, take the L.

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