Ross Coulhart is Not a Journalist

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I am not saying he is a “grifter” or pulling some scam or trying to make a buck. But he is not a journalist- he has details to the story of all stories in the history of humankind, but won’t give any specifics. But he’s not afraid to let everyone know how much he knows. Fuck that shit.

Imagine if Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein just sent out cryptic stories instead of naming names and getting the truth out to the public. Not sure, it’s not quite the same, but again, that is why Ross Coulhart is not a journalist. They want to get to the bottom of it, they want to break the story, they want the truth revealed to the public; Ross Coulhart sits on specifics, but doesn’t shy away from telling everyone he has them… Why say he knows all of this, tells everyone to trust him, but won’t reveal it? Other than the Grusch interview, what actual, substantial, material has he added. Excluding all the things we should just trust him.

He wants to protect his sources- you’re telling me, a journalist canny break a story in fear of jeopardizing sources? That’s not the game, sir. What’s the fucking point of trying to find the truth if you’ll never be able to tell anyone? Did he think this path would not be paved with sources, and he didn’t have a plan on how to work that into the equation. “Well yes, I know who killed the president, but I can’t disclose it because I need to protect my source!” Pretty sure that’s the life of a journalist- investigate, get info from people, keep digging, and disclose the truth.

National security- why the hell would you start a career in this field and not be aware of this fact? If you start to investigate UFO’s and find out they are real (which I assume would be the endgame for a journalist), you never thought this would come up? I mean, he won’t outright say it, but he’ll leave breadcrumbs? So if national security was threatened because someone put together his “clues,” that’s totally okay with him? But stating it outright is a no no.

I am not saying he is lying (I personally think he’s full of shit), but I’m not arguing that; I am saying he is no journalist. He’s a podcaster, a storyteller, a media personality, an author, he’s a lot of things but he’s not journalist. Maybe a journalist with zero integrity.

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