On June 9 Ross Coulthart recommends us to check out an interview by NASA whistleblower Bob Oechsler due to its importance and relevancy for current UAP & NHI topics.

Eamonn Holmes and Lorraine Kelly interviewed former NASA Mission Specialist Bob Oechsler about the existence of UFO’s. The interview took place in 1993.

Important things:

He was able to receive information from the highest level of the intelligence community One of those informants was Bobby Ray Inman a United States Navy admiral who held several influential positions in the United States Intelligence Community. Bobby indicated that UAP/NHI related topics are covered under national secrecy laws and that they are in posession of operational crafts. “NHI” was already used in 1993 The issue of secrecy dates back to early 1950s. He mentions a study done by NASA which addresses if the confrontation with NHI should be made public. The conclusion was that this would lead to grave consequences because of paradigm shifting changes in theology, economics, technology & energy. An example was given with fossil fuel becoming obsolete. To avoid the chaos the determination was made to slowly roll out these changes over decades.
Yeah. That did not happen. Many governments are keeping the secret because of the same reason. (socioeconomic shock)
Also Grusch mentions it. He has seen NHI vehicles with his own eyes quite a number of time

Opinion: Mentioned in a previous post. I think the secrecy dated back to Eisenhower agreements. There are a LOT OF sources pointing towards President Eisenhower making agreements with NHI in 1954 in exchange for weapons and technologies, while aliens were allowed to abduct humans for genetic experiments. Some of these technologies are likely related to advanced gravity propulsion systems, advanced materials and zero point energy. Grusch & Ross are mentioning agreements themselves. Source Source

So what’s the conclusion:

Many governments have been keeping the NHI/UAP topic secret due to its paradigm shifiting nature which could result in socioeconomic chaos. But rather than slowly warming up humanity to NHI, their technologies, the true nature of human history and our place in the universe they decided:

Naww…we want to keep the money, the power & the control.
It really is a crime against humanity.

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