Shoalhaven NSW

Date of sighting:

7 Nov 2023

Time of sighting:

3 am

Duration of sighting:

5 sec

Number of witnesses:


Descripton of sighting:

So like the title says, I went out at 3 in the morning to have a quick leak in the yard (I live in a granny flat with no plumbing in it so I have to go into the main house to access a toilet, but it was 3 in the morning and I couldn’t find my keys to the main house) and whilst I was doing that I looked up and saw a strange light in the sky that looked like a square dark yellow or light orange light (I’m slightly colourblind so it may have been either) and behind it a smaller circular light of the same colour, between them there was a light like one was shining on the other one but there was clearly a gap between the 2 with nothing solid between them and there was a light coming out the front of the big square one like headlights illuminating a small patch of clouds in an arc in front of it.

These lights moved very quickly across the sky. It went from one side of my view to the other at least 3 or 4 times faster than any of the planes or helicopters that have flown over my yard before.

It was either very large and a long way off but incredibly fast or small and nearby and very fast but not incredibly so.

If it was a long way off it was way faster than any plane I’ve ever seen and would’ve been far too enormous to be a jet.

If it was nearby it would still be very fast but it was also completely silent.

There were no blinking lights on it that most planes and helicopters have on them, just the two solid lights and the beams of light between and in front of them.

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