Apologies as I just had my shitty phone camera, but I tried my best to get a clear image. I was outside (SE Ohio in a suburb not far outside Cincinnati) around 6:45pm yesterday (8.15.23) and saw two of these objects coasting across the sky. They were too close to each other for me to think they were planes, and too low to be satellites. Before I started filming, the one in front redirected to its left (straight from where I am standing so directly behind the tree) and the second continued it’s same path. They appeared white and I couldn’t discern any wings. Small cigar or tic tak shaped. I couldn’t hear any noise from them, but they were pretty high up.
Wondering if it’s obvious to anyone seeing what it might be. I originally thought some kind of blimp, but seemed too high up for that, and again just really close to a second of the exact same object.

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