While others are looking to verify the videos themselves, I have book looking online for additional information related to the original uploading of the video. Why?

There was supposedly a third video that was uploaded around the same time as the first two, although a user has said it was just a different angle of the satellite footage. Nonetheless, if we can find out more information around the original uploading, it would help verify two things:

The actual upload date of the video. Currently, the first reference to the video I can find is a Twitter post on May 24th, 2014. Finding earlier references could help us create a timeline as to when the video could possibly have been made (as it stands now, the video would have been able to be made in less than three months). The upload date of the original video is May 19th on Wayback Machine. The user says it was “received” on March 14th. Was it posted somewhere else earlier? Did the user find this video from some other part of the web? This is what I am trying to find out. Finding additional references online could help provide information as to what was in the original video; the video itself is not saved on the Wayback machine. This was not the only posting of the original video online. On the page of the reupload on Vimeo in August of that year, the poster says that original video was also posted to a UFO site at the same time. What UFO site? This is the main thing I am looking for, that original forum it was posted on.

Now, how have I narrowed this search down?

Basically, there are three real moments this video “blew up” online, before this recent revival:

August / September 2014: This is when the video circulated online, was reuploaded on Vimeo, and discussed on Twitter. 2018: There was an online conspiracy / game involving a voicemail with info from the original flight. This led to discussion and conspiracy about the flight, and this video and discussions of RegicideAnon surfaced again. 2021-2022: Some people are asking why this video is circulating now; this can directly be traced back to July 2nd, 2021. An online personality named Jorge Brandan again circulated this video online. He came onto a Spanish-speaking podcast called El Portal to discuss the two videos we see today. He then posted them onto his Instagram. This prompted some discussion about the videos on the Spanish-speaking Internet, but little further traction until April 20th, 2022, when he posted the videos onto his TikTok. The videos then blew up. Today: This TikTok video then was circulated to UFO Twitter in early January of this year; I have found the original tweet that circulated this there, but I have seemed to misplace the page. Either way, you can find it easily. This is the tweet that was referenced three days later by a Reddit user in January of this year in this post. Then, the video would again circulate back onto r/UFOs.

Some insights into the nature of the circulation of this UFO video:

– The video is almost always circulated on Spanish-speaking (or, in select cases, Portuguese-speaking) online sources. The Vimeo reupload was in Spanish, Jorge Brandan’s page is in Spanish, the El Portal podcast is Spanish-speaking, and the 2018 Twitter conspiracy fiasco mentioned above was from a user that spoke Spanish (but was writing most of his posts in English). Now, when we go onto RegicideAnon’s Twitter profile, he is following a Brazilian (so Portuguese-speaking) UFO page, heavily implying that RegicideAnon himself is on this Spanish/Portuguese UFO online circle (I remember seeing mentions that the Spanish-speaking posts originated from Argentina, but I cannot source that). So all in all, it seems to be a very local explosion of these videos online, until now.

What does all of this mean?

The implication here is that, if this video was originally posted on a forum online, it would most likely be a Spanish or Portuguese UFO forum. However, I have searched extensively and have struggled to find any matches, let alone discussions of this video on such forums. But I do not have first-hand knowledge about these places, where to look, or what to look for.

I want to find more discussion of these videos first-hand online during this time, in hope that someone has referenced information that has now faded away to the years. Things like references to the original video or to additional information provided by RegicideAnon himself. Specifically, I imagine that if something like this were to be discussed, it would be on some obscure hidden site like 4chan where it could be easily and anonymously “leaked”. But I could not successfully search for 4chan posts within a given time frame.

TL;DR: The UFO video circulates on primarily South American portions of the online web. It is claimed that it was also originally published on a UFO site in mid-2014, but no such site can be found.

Additionally, I also looked for “leaked” satellite/drone footage matching what we have in the video from before 2014, but I couldn’t find anything; although to be fair, I was a bit unsure how to go about that search.

How I found these sources: I searched for Google results within a timeframe with queries such as “three UFOs plane” or “three UFOs mh370”. I also searched on Twitter during timeframes similarly. Additionally, taking screengrabs of the videos and putting it through Google Image Search for that specific image gave some good results. Maybe if someone would try additional grabs from the videos they could find more, or if someone had some more refined/specific search techniques. I am interested to see how others would approach this, specifically in finding that original UFO site the video was posted on. Until then, I will continue to research.

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