I was going for a night run at 9:30, I felt nostalgic so I ran down the road to the house I grew up in and sat down on the sidewalk, I look up and see a ufo that looks like a sting ray, no tail but more of a uav or a v shape, it was a very cool looking black, it looked like there was lights on it that resembled the stars, so it looked like a constellation that was moving, but the lights weren’t that bright and I’m not sure I even seen lights because I was pretty scared. But it slowly just faded into the black sky, I seen it flying away but I was too scared to really make eye contact with the thing, It was probably a government plane or something but definitely wasn’t suppose to see whatever I saw, and it was cool I seen it above my childhood house so even if it was only for me and no one believes me at least I know I seen it. Even if it was government plane.

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