Selfishly, I don’t want this secret to actually come out. It would be hell on earth for at least 50 years. The transition to a post-scarcity society would be absolutely brutal

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Only reason I’m doing this thread is because I keep seeing people commenting in these threads that don’t seem to understand just how much this would completely fuck up everything.

200 years from now, it would be ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!

Potential utopia on planet Earth. No capitalism. No class system. No rich people, no poor people. No slavery or corruption. Just humans working together, because there’s zero scarcity. No monetary system necessary. I’m not saying there wouldn’t be any problems whatsoever, but they’d be the kind of dumb problems we have now like what pronouns you prefer.

However, the transition from our scarcity based, capitalistic society to this, would take GENERATIONS. Like 50 or 60 years. Maybe even longer. Imagine the chaos that would ensue. Everything in our society is built around the exchange of currency. It’s built around labor of some type, to earn currency, and then the exchange of that currency. Imagine trying to throw all of that away overnight. How the fuck does that even happen?

This is the reason this hasn’t happened yet, because nobody wants to sacrifice their entire lifespan to a shitty ass life of transitioning from scarcity to non-scarcity. Financial markets would completely collapse.

Incentives to continue to go to work would evaporate. Why work when we’re heading towards a society that doesn’t include money? Also, all the wealthy people living in mansions and on yachts, would know that their time is up. A post scarcity society wouldn’t have rich people or poor people. Think Logan’s Run (1976).

No longer would any giant mansions or large homes be built. Instead, we’d concentrate on building living centers that would just house an appropriate number of humans.

This would upend literally EVERYTHING.

Honestly, I can’t even really explain this in a post like this, I’d need to be on a podcast or something. But you could literally just sit in a dark room for weeks thinking about all the trickle down ramifications of this. The cascading effects. Lots of people would die. Suicide. War. Famine. Raping and pillaging.

It would be absolutely brutal for at least 50-60 years.

Eventually it would be incredible. EVENTUALLY.

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