Hey everyone, when we founded this group, we committed to championing UFO disclosure proactively. Now, we’re fulfilling that promise by taking our first official step onto the global stage.

In alignment with the September 12th Mexican Congressional Briefing on UFOs, we’re launching a social media campaign. Our focus? Addressing discrimination in UFO discourse and emphasizing the importance of UFO issues at the ballot box. Through this campaign, we’ll introduce our organization, share personal stories, and reiterate our key message: We are grounded, rational citizens calling for the recognition of genuine evidence and full disclosure.

For this campaign to truly succeed, we need volunteers. Whether you’re skilled in video editing, social media, have relevant expertise, or are simply passionate and want to participate, we need you. I joined this group because I was tired of waiting for someone else to take action. I believe many of you felt the same way. It start now, like this, this is our moment!

Comment if you’d like to volunteer/participate. I hope to get started on this in the coming days so we’ll be ready to push in time for the briefings.

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