I had a sight on Iloca, it is a coast place I was with my gf at the beach in a birthday, it was about 6 months ago, we decided to walk in the dark, at the night in front of the beach…

We watch the sea and the sky so clearly, then a star start to move in front of us (it was like 3 kilometers away at the front at a height of 700m), it starts descending smoothly and abruptly breaks to the left it moves at a blazing speed, almost 1,5km in 2 seconds, then 2km to the north in 3 sec and stops from 100 to 0 in nothing, it starts to descends and we ear it falls to the water and keep shining… at this point my gf was scared, it start to coming closer slower, I wanted to know what it is, but she was horrified and had to run away to the house to be safe.

I had a picture of the place but not the movement of the light or the light itself… talked with people from that locality who had similar experiences, my father had a disappeared cousin in that mountains (it have mountains 700m from the beach) they saw lights too and start running, he was found a week after that and doesn’t remember anything.

There was a lot of experiences of that kind.

I hope it is an interesting read, thanks for all

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