Cincinnati, OH. Near 39.0268803, -84.2644454.

Date of sighting:

August 6, 2023.

Time of sighting:

10:30pm eastern.

Duration of sighting:

Milliseconds to second.

Number of witnesses:

One (1).

Descripton of sighting:

My wife called me from Cincinnati tonight at 10:30pm eastern, very happy and excited because she saw something fly by very quickly “in a millisecond” she said from one side of the sky (tree line) to the other. In space I presume. I don’t take her speed description iterally, but assume it was going very fast.

It was dark, the sky was clear, and the object was bright, “like ten stars combined”, she said. It was not moving in a straight line. And she could see that it was not round. It was not a plane (she was watching them as well) and too dim to be a satellite.

I asked her to take pictures of the starting point and ending point and she will tomorrow when it’s light. I’ll post after I calculate the direction.

I checked and at that time, the ISS was over South Africa so it wasn’t that. My guess is that it was a meteor. Maybe a satellite, albeit a very bright one. As of now it’s unidentified.

Apologies, but that’s all I have at the moment. Would be cool to know if anyone saw the same.

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