Was very hesitant to post this and told myself I wouldn’t. However, after days and days of thinking about it – I think I should post my video on here.

Context :
Was on a flight recently and around 10-25 mins after the plane had started taking off, I spotted a strange object in the sky.
It was a kind of spherical shape that was black with a blue glow around it. When the object moved though, I noticed it wasn’t a perfect sphere and it looks like it might have a spike on it.

What’s strange is before taking off – I remember thinking to myself : ‘I wouldn’t mind seeing a UFO on this plane. As long as it doesn’t interact with the plane and it means no harm. It would feel safer to see a UFO here surrounded by other people in daylight’.

I took a video shortly after I noticed it. The object looks tiny on camera – but if you zoom in you can clearly see it more. So, I’ve attatched the original and a zoomed in version.

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