This is kinda of a lost memory but I swear the multiple summers I spent in Mexico with my grandparents, I remember having these memories of UFO sightings just randomly throughout the day and nights. I can be a little more specific. My grandparents lived in the mountains near the border. The nights were pitch black, you can see all the stars, but there was a lot of supernatural activity going on up there. I do remember seeing dark orbs very small like dots in the distance flying across the sky with no trails just moving across the sky steadily in a straight line. One summer I remember a thunderstorm that hit and I remember this storm only because the lightning strikes were insane I remember sitting inside looking out the window and watching lightning strike everywhere around us and it wasn’t normal like one here and there, they came in threes, there was always three strikes back to back from each other, sometimes in a straight line near each other. Sightings always seemed to be high near the Mexican/American border. There was a photo my uncle had of three ufos near a mountain in the desert. They were driving to a off-road race and they spotted them in the horizon above a mountain and he got pictures of them, we uploaded them to the PC and we zoomed in but the photo quality back in the early 2000s weren’t the best so they just appeared as blurry dots. These photos are long gone now. I haven’t seen those photos in over 15 years. Well I just wanted to share all of this since it seems appropriate and now I feel like maybe I did see something real and I wasn’t just imagining things or having fake memories. It just seemed like we saw things all our lives and we just don’t tell anyone or keep it to ourselves because in fear of rejection or being tagged as crazy.

Thanks to those who stuck around for the read, just wanted to share some of my own experiences. First time talking about this outside family.

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