First of all. this is not a dismissal of any experience. The mind is complicated, we don’t need woo to understand that. Let’s respect any experience a person has had and not go to a debunking of their entire persona. It’s you and me and everyone we are talking about here. Weird things can happen.

What I want to dive into is how powerful your mind actually is. Your mind takes every experience you have, stores any memories, and has it handy for you to grab when you need to, kind of to help you in your existence. This happens all the time, unconsciously. Never forget that your head does a-lot of work for you that you don’t notice. That includes biases and whatever you’ve learned in life. It’s a machine evolved for this.

When I was younger I started to have tons of out of body experiences, so I read about them for years, my favourite book is still Sylvan Muldoons The Projection Of The Astral Body, read it if you want to dig deeper into yourself.

As the years progressed, I realised that the mind is powerful because it has to be, to be able to sparse all of the information, the emotions and all that we are. Why people we love die and we are alive, All the questions we have but are scared to ask. And I’m not talking about anything complicated here, I’m talking about something like “why does x do y”. Yes we all care about everything, in some level. We have to. Thats life.

So to circle back to my title here. If I where to go by ALOT of the 80s and 90s UFO shows, apparently I’ve been abducted thousands of times. But wait, I thought I had died the first times? I saw my body, did I not? I’ve even been carried away into space by beings waring hoods.
Yes, It did feel real, but thats how powerful your head on your shoulder is. Everything is YOU now, it’s happening in your mind NOW.

This does, again, not negate any experience, good or bad that would have an emotional impact on your life. So this is not a debunk of anything, it’s an attempt to dig deeper to find some kind of real, in all of this. If you have had an experience that changed you in any way I respect that, and we should all respect any experience and treat that with decency.

Just remember that regardless of bullshit media or whatever someone says, you have a brain and It’s going to do it’s thing.

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