As with many, I have been following the analysis of the MH370 videos over the last few days and I’m genuinely surprised at both the amount of sleuthing people have done and the lack of anything convincing that this is a hoax video.

That said, there are a few questions I have that haven’t been answered yet as far as I know, albeit I’m sure I’ve missed the odd detail in some posts.

Time of day: MH370 took off at 0042 and had 7hrs31 of fuel. Sunrise was at 0634 in Medan, Indonesia, which is about the right longitude, so the sun couldn’t have been up for more than about 90 mins if it flew until the end of its fuel. But the coordinates in the video (whether it flew north or south) would have been reached by around 3-4am so unless it flew in circles for 3-4 hours it was almost certainly night time when the video was taken. The satellite certainly looks like day time lighting and light source seems largely overhead, but as others have said, this could be night vision made to look like day, though I’ve never personally seen it this good. There’s a lot of contrast between the layers of cloud and the moon was only a half moon that night which I imagine wouldn’t be that bright. But maybe contrast has been increased in the imaging. I’d appreciate some knowledge on this line of inquiry. In either case, I think the time of day the video was taken needs some investigation. Also, where was the moon in the sky that night? Can we determine if we should have seen it from the drone, given the orientation of the camera?

The coordinates: The WSPR data is interesting and corroborates with the Inmarsat data that the plane went south and even suggests the plane passed through the coordinates in the video. But if the Inmarsat data is accurate the plane was still pinging much further south in the Indian Ocean, well south of the coordinates in the video. How do these conflicting results tie up? Did the plane reappear and then crash?

The sequence of events: if the events in the video are accurate, what actually went on here? Why did the plane go off to begin with and why did aliens care? Are we to believe the one plane they chose to “kidnap” also happened to be one that had gone off course or did they take control of it from the beginning? Or was this a suicide attempt by the pilot as originally postulated in 2014 and the aliens chose to save the passengers before it crashed in the ocean. If so why did they care? Plenty of larger death tolls have been tolerated, why this plane? And where does the drone and satellite fit in? Were they tracking the ufos before they reached the plane and just happened to witness the event? I know we can only postulate on this last point but I’d like to at least discuss some possible narratives that reasonably match up with the facts we do have (assuming the video is real).

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