So I was digging through some of the analysis posts and such and came across the WILD theories that sprung up from MH370 about how April 18, 2018 was going to be the next rapture and shit. Well, obviously that never happened. But in all of this I found an interesting piece that I had never seen before in this video:

It is at 3:22. The rest of the video isn’t worth watching, but that part was apparently posted to reddit before and its just some guys on motorbikes in Cambodia? I think it says, who apparently see a little alien. I thought it was interesting the little alien dude wasn’t depicted as being grey which is usually what the default is for a fake. Most of any ‘credible’ video specifically the Area 51 Alien interview (see 32:00 or so for the footage)

Well the more credible stuff I have seen shows the aliens as having more like tannish skin which seems to be sort of mirrored in that motorbike video. Either way, I was hoping someone could find the original motorbike video and scrutinize it a little further, I mean, it does look like a real thing in the video and not CGI, but my take is its just a naked kid or something.

The other interesting thing I found was in relation to the context provided in this video:

Well, those guys claim to have seen an airplane in the middle of a Cambodian forest, it just struck me as a coincidence that this motorbike video appeared to originate from a similar area.

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