I just saw a recruitment ad for the US Space Force on YouTube. I don’t know how long the as has been around but this is my first time seeing it and there was some interesting things to read into. It showed a space-craft landing in an airfield and individuals in protective gear probing the craft with what looks like radiological equipment. The narrator also says she sees “massive leaps making a come-back”. Just something interesting to look at.

Edit: it’s really weird. I tried looking it up on YouTube specifically and found this one from 3 years back. It has some of the same audio but the visuals are different than what I saw. I saw the ad when I clicked on a video about space(“Space is Terrifying – Astrophobia” by ElmoSanchez) so that may have triggered it. I definitely believe now that the ad has been changed to reflect coming revelations.

One I found with similar narration: https://youtu.be/8rbtG7wCYBQ

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