The ILLEGAL leak of Grusch’s personal medical information should not find an audience here. I’m not a fan of censorship, but this information is private and were it not for his public statements he would continue to be a private person. If this story gains traction it could very well be because the people dialed into the UAP world are inadvertently promoting it, and thus creating a barrier to other whistleblowers coming forward.

The fact that Grusch testified to Congress and did the news nation interview is the only reason that his personal medical information being released and discussed on reddit doesn’t break the Reddit TOS.

I ask the mods to identify the link to the story as not only counter to UAP disclosure, but actually has no relevance here and we should delete all references to it link.

The leakers want us to click and read the link to embarrass Grusch and discourage future whistleblowers. The Intercept will make money on those clicks. Don’t give these stories any air and for the sake of decency, don’t allow the story to hit the top page.

Keep looking up. Don’t look down.

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