Remember President Eisenhower’s famous warning about the military-industrial complex back in 1961?

He cautioned us to “beware” of the military industrial complex and expressed concerns about undue influence over government policy.

Now, fast forward to today. Grusch’s testimony brings those concerns to life. What’s more, the Pentagon then puts up roadblocks when Congress tries to get more details on these topic.

Our congressmen and women are getting regularly stonewalled.

Eisenhower’s warning and what’s happening now are uncanny.

Grusch’s testimony seems to be a real-life confirmation that Eisenhower was onto something big. The military-industrial complex’s power and its ability to restrict information echo the very concerns that Eisenhower voiced.

I’m really not sure who’s running the country anymore. Because I thought it was Congress but evidently it’s not.

/end rant

This is not a template, this is just an idea.

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