I came across this video on Daily Motion, you can view the original here, it was uploaded 8 years ago before AI was a thing so that’s ruled out (https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3gdtw4)

The original clip is 68 seconds long. The initial 25 or so seconds are text explaining the source. Apparently a Mexican officer was given this video by a USA confidential source. There is a secret base called G 13 where this Alien was filmed. I have cut the opening text out and trimmed it to the relevant parts. You can watch the full video for the text.

This video is not AI generated as it’s uploaded 8 years ago. I only know of this source and cannot find any other videos or earlier uploads. The Alien appears to stand, it’s a tall grey with a large head and small jaw. You can clearly see a line where the Sagittal Crest is, indicating the alien has plates on its skull where the two bones meet. This is distinct from other Grey’s who have smaller stature and smooth heads. Very important detail. This one may not be a simple drone. A drone or android wouldn’t have vestigial evolutionary features such as a Sagittal Crest.

The beginning of the film reel has weird flashy pictures that state the following

// Subject, Length, Roll, Reel No, Color, Picture FX AHT 49/11/6, Ratio, sound, aspect type of 00000, Head// this all flashes within less than a second, you have to REALLY slow it down to see. It’s also weirdly oriented, so you have to flip the image to read it.

I placed the original vdieo on top with NO enhancements followed by the non AI enhanced/brightness & shadow changes at the bottom. I literally used the brightness adjustment found in google photos.

You can see the head of the alien move. At the end I have attached a sped up loop of the head movement so it’s apparent to everyone. The hands of the alien seem to be behind his back, he maybe restrained for safety. The brightness pulls out alot of facial details, with ear morphology and cheek bones clearly visible. We can now even get a good look at the blackness of its eyes. The hidden details that are visible lend to the credibility as hoaxes will not go to these lengths to add details. They wouldn’t add the Sagittal Crest. The head movements are also awfully natural. The shadows also seems to move consistent with the head movements, you can see it on the neck and behind the alien. The light source seems to be situated on the top to the aliens’s left side, hence his shadow is cast to his right.

We can see the outlines of the Walls on either side of the being indicating he is standing in a narrow or small room.

It sounds like a rolling camera reel or a buzzing sound while the alien stares right at it then glances to his left side. The alien then moves it’s head back slightly, suddenly the sound changes, then as soon as the Alien drops it’s head to stare at the bottom left side of the ground, the sound changes again and seems to match & correspond with the Alein’s head movements. The Alien then pans to the right and the buzzing sounds gets triggered again! Is the Alien trying to communicate with the cameraman/captors telepathically and that’s triggering the sound? The text in the beginning of the video states that they test aliens for light sensitivity, sound etc. Maybe the captors are creating those sounds to see the Aliens reactions? Who knows?!

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