Ex wife texts me today to ask if I went in the house at 3am because the dogs were barking. I pulled up all my video around that time and didn’t see anyone entering the house.

Then I decided to check my ring footage and found the attached files. They are recorded at one frame every 3 minutes – so these represent 2 hours of movement. Unfortunately, no motion events were tied to it, so I have don’t have a higher frame rate.

Just want some thoughts on what this is. Not sure where else I would post it.

I can apparently only upload one video on here, but I have 4 of these that go over 2 hours and there are two different objects (one brighter than the other)

It’s not a plane – no plane goes that slow

It’s not a drone (I don’t think) because drones normally can’t fly that long and these shot up into the air after they passed my house.

I don’t think a helicopter would fly in the pattern for that long.

I would love to know thoughts. I can also send the other 3 videos if anyone wants to see. It’s honestly weird and my dogs were boing batshit crazy during this time – so I’m out of options.


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