Dear [Congressperson’s Name]

I am writing to express my profound concern regarding the ongoing UFO disinformation campaign that has been effectively obfuscating the truth about unidentified flying objects and their implications for our nation and the world. The time has come for transparency and honesty in addressing this critical issue.

The efforts to reverse engineer UFO technology and the significant implications of these endeavors have been shielded from public view and Congressional oversight. This lack of transparency undermines the trust in our government and hinders the potential for advancements that could benefit humanity as a whole.

Furthermore, the correlation between UFOs and national security, particularly their interactions with nuclear technology and the risks posed to air safety, demands immediate attention. It is imperative that Congress takes a stand to ensure that any information pertaining to UFOs is accurately and openly communicated to the public, without the filter of a disinformation campaign.

The American people deserve to know the truth about UFOs, their origin, and their impact on our society. We urge you to consider the importance of this issue, not only as a matter of national security but also as a significant opportunity for scientific advancement and understanding.

Are you, as our elected representative, proud of the job that has been done regarding the UFO disinformation campaign? Do you believe that maintaining secrecy and withholding information from the public serves the best interest of our nation, or is it time for a change towards greater transparency and accountability?

As your constituent, I strongly advocate for an end to the UFO disinformation campaign and urge you to support full disclosure on this matter. The truth should not be hidden from the public, and it is the responsibility of our elected officials to ensure that it is brought to light.

Best Regards,

[Your Name]

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