I was just thinking about this whole situation with Grusch’s medical records getting leaked. Someone had commented somewhere about how this might motivate other armed services people to support Grusch in his whistleblowing.

Do you think this situation will motivate the other 40 witnesses to come forward in solidarity with Grusch ASAP? Or do you fear that maybe some of the other witnesses aren’t necessarily as clean as Grusch and might have more impactful dirt that could be used against them should they go public?

It almost makes you wonder if anyone who works first hand on these legacy programs is lured into creating some dirt for themselves so that the MIC can use it against them in situations like this. Perhaps, since Grusch wasn’t directly involved in the legacy program, and is generally kind of a Boy Scout, they didn’t really have much on him compared to the 40 firsthand witnesses that still have not gone public.

How do you think this is going to affect the potential for the firsthand witnesses to finally come forward?

EDIT: I feel like the only way for the other witnesses to come forward at this point without being affected by a smear campaign (or even violence tbh) would be if they all came out at the same time. That way even if they try and smear some of them, you still can’t ignore the fact that there are 3 dozen people making the same claim under oath. They are all each other assurances.

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