I think the airliner videos are 100% real, please prove me wrong.

Separately, why is this video being immediately shot down as fake? What happened to incredible claims require incredible evidence? Is this too incredible? An intelligence official just testified about UAP and NHIs – is it so far fetched or unrealistic to believe that UAPs could be abducting planes? Where do we draw the line?

Recently I’ve seen hundreds of posts asking why people aren’t freaking out, or how the disclosure will create ontological shock. I think this subreddit likes to think of itself as passed ontological shock. This airline video shows that we’re not. NHI aren’t just strange lights and little green men anymore. There’s a reason the government has been keeping this away from the public. True ontological shock is created when one watches 400 people vanish in a UAP encounter.

This subreddit doesn’t know what it wants. I think we all agree that NHI are far surpassed our technology and understanding. How come when a video surfaces showing something above our technology or understanding, it is immediately discredited?

Ontological shock is not just a phrase that gets tossed around. True disclosure will affect even the most veteran alien enthusiast. What happens when the US announces: “Hey UAP exist and are far superior to our technology, we don’t know how to stop them. Also, here’s a clip of an airliner being vaporized by said UAPs”. Not the disclosure we were imagining right? Not quite the “I told you so” moment we’re all waiting on.

Also, the US knows exactly what happened to MH370. They were conveniently running a joint combat exercise in the area that the flight disappeared.

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