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First, lemme say I’m basically all but 100% convinced that the FLIR/satellite footage is legitimate and MH370 was… somethinged by NHI, or at least NHI technology.

But this video can’t possibly be related, now that I thought about it a while.

If the video is of a sunrise, then it takes place too early to be viewing MH370’s contrails, at least not this portion of them. The aircraft’s last contact was after sunrise, meaning the disappearance happened after sunrise. Meaning it can’t be sunrise.

If the video is of a sunset, then it takes place far too late to be viewing MH370’s contrails at all. Contrails don’t last all day, and they certainly don’t retain that much definition for even most of a day. Meaning it can’t be sunset.

Meaning it can’t be MH370.

My best guess is that this is a video taken after an air show that was misappropriated.

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