I’m adapting a comment I wrote on this post into it’s own post.

The author of that post argues that the coordinates shown in the Airliner Video match up well with the presumed flight path of MH370. This, however, is not evidence that the video is real, because this information was known at the time.

Here is a news article from March 16, 2014, that says publicly that search and rescue teams are searching this specific area:

Australia said it was sending one of its two AP-3C Orion aircraft involved in the search to remote islands in the Indian Ocean at Malaysia’s request. The plane will search the north and west of the Cocos Islands, a remote Australian territory with an airstrip about 1,200 kilometres southwest of Indonesia, military chief Gen. David Hurley said.


If you do a google search and set the time period to March 8, 2014, to May 1, 2014, you will see dozens of articles that say the same thing. Meaning, people reasonably thought this was where the plane could have crashed/disappeared at the time.

All of this means that if the coordinates in the video are of this location, the creator of the video (if it was fake) would have been using publicly available information to so do. It would NOT have required high-level access to satellites or years of research. Only a working internet connection to read news.

This article is from March 16, 2014 (technically, it was updated March 18, 2014, if you want to use that date instead). The video doesn’t appear online for two months after that.

Even if you ignore the whole +/- thing, and go with the location from this other analysis post on this sub, the same thing is true.

Here’s another article from March 14, 2014:

Two Indian air force reconnaissance planes began flying over the islands on Friday as a precaution, after they and two naval ships scoured the seas surrounding the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, according to Colonel Harmit Singh of India’s tri-services command in the territory.


I get that a lot of people in this sub may not remember what it was like when MH370 went missing, but it was the biggest story in the world. Literally everyone was talking about it, theorizing about it, and discussing it for months.

What we’re seeing now is confirmation bias in action. If the video definitively showed the Nicobar Islands coordinates, people would be citing articles like this one to show it’s real, because there were many competing theories at the time.

Again, this doesn’t prove that the video is 100% fake. But what it does show is that the coordinates in the video cannot be used as evidence that the video is real, because they were a known presumed location of the plane at the time.

If I were making a fake video in April 2014 and wanted people to think the video is real, I would have been able to find these coordinates just as easily as I’ve done here (more easily, in fact, because I wouldn’t have even had to filter the time of the google search).

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