I recently came across the story of one Frederick Valentich, an Australian pilot who disappeared in 1978 while flying a Cessna 182 over Bass Strait. According to the Melbourne Flight Service at the time, he was communicating with the operator(s) up until the moment he ‘vanished’. He was claiming to being followed/tracked by a UAP which coincided with engine failure of his aircraft. When he was asked to identify the object, his last words were, sinisterly: ‘It’s not an aircraft’. Apparently, next the sound that was transmitted was of ‘scraping sounds’. Further, the ‘explanations’ for the event by some during the time seem particularly outlandish, one of them being that he was ‘accidentally’ flying upside down and the green orb he was witnessing was the sun in a strange angle. I’d be curious if anyone else has come across this story and what they make of it. Thank you for reading.

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