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I absolutely cannot believe this video is not being talked about more. Don’t get me wrong, I watch this sub more than anything on this website…. I see things get posted then spread only then to be agreed as atypical within the first few hours and dropped of the radar. I see starlight and the moon hiding behind the clouds get flamed down to hell every time I pick up my phone. I see everything on here and I have to say….. the amount of time that this DUAL CAMERA footage kept everyone’s attention and discussion was far more than I’ve seen in probably my whole time here. I never saw a concrete conclusion and it spooks me. I’m not going to hang my hat on either side and I know a lot of you feel the same. DONT let this discussion slow or stop us from sounding out of pocket…… the fact this confuses us so hard is a candidate reason it hasn’t been spread through other outlets yet….. if it’s shit then it’ll never see the light of day….. if this is the one then they will do everything to stay silent on it until no further option. If nothing else, our constant and HEALTHY debate on this will prove our intelligence and coherence for disclosure and our pursuit for the truth. Please let this video have true closure for BOTH sides of the argument and the sake of those putting their lives and careers on the line by putting these kinds of claims to our government. Keep doing your thing with this one guys!

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