This footage has me in a chokehold. Unlike other potentially convincing videos, like the Utah drone footage, or the Turkey UAP, this one is on another level. It does deserve all the attention it’s getting.

– 2 separate angles (the satellite video and FLIR/thermal video) – the most important part. Upon analysis, the orbs and effects are all correctly synchronized in each video, which means it has to be an advanced 3D scene setup at a minimum to record the orbs occupying the same position in space accurately. Nearly all hoax videos only show 1 single angle to do 2D compositing work in.

– Highly realistic parallax and lighting:

– Contains intricate classified details and knowledge unlikely to be known by a random public hoaxer. Shows off incredible detail that closely matches the details surrounding MH370. Why include stereoscopic viewing software dragging the viewport around, requiring even more work to fake?

– Has no prosaic explanation. Not some terrible low quality blurry light or balloon/drone-like behavior. It’s undeniably advanced technology which means it can only be either 2 things: CGI or real, rather than the usual real but prosaic.

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