In reference to the 2027 incident that is being leaked by some CIA guy etc.

l do believe something must be coming or why the hell would anyone in government be for disclosure. There is clearly a split among those in power over this issue, with some in favor of whistling past the graveyard or letting it play out while others want to be whistleblowers and start slowly disclosing information. There isn’t as much a difference between these two groups as everyone thinks. No one is doing this for the benefit of the peoples that’s completely bullshit. No one does that and that’s a complete fallacy. I have been involved in politics and a lobbyist at one time I can assure you that nothing in Government has ever done for the Public benefit. And I mean freaking nothing.

This isn’t about one group being for disclosure and the other against it. It’s really about how to deal with a specific incident that may be coming down the pipe.

One side says let’s just keep covering everything up like we have been for 80 years and we will deal with it when and if it happens. People aren’t going to be able to handle this so better to put it off. ( The OG, which thinks they will be dead or close to it and have done so much shit they know they are fucked. )

The other says let’s slowly release some info so the public doesn’t go apeshit crazy, can handle it and execute us all for what we have done over the years, get immunity etc., when it happens. (The younger generation that may not have even killed people and hoped to live for another 30-40 years )

One is obviously preferred to the other by this group, but to me, I can see both sides of this and I am not sure who is right and I am not looking forward to complete disclosure or UFOs landing on town square. Either one is likely a huge disruption of everything and I will probably not live long enough to see the benefits etc

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