So it seems to me , they are in full pushback mode , feel free to add more I missed. Started with the “vegas backyard alien “ CNN & MSM pushed that hard. We got : ( CNN , NY TIMES , WAPOST & most MSM doing their joking / Misinfo/ xfiles music)

We got : Neil Tyson , Brian cox on top of every utube & google search if you type UFO.

We got :Kirkpatrick on LinkedIn & interview shitting on DG.

We got : “Corrupt As fuck Mike turner “ head of HIC 😤 pretty much calling DG a liar.

We got : the usual degenerates “ dick west & geenstain , black vault ) hating everyone.

We got : Gillibrand & Rubio backtracking a bit ! Gilli saying Kirkpatrick doing great 😬 Rubio saying it will take years now.🙁

And now this Peru nonsense.

Talk about uphill battle. I hope Ross and co are very very careful with new whistleblowers I wouldn’t put it past the MIC / gatekeepers setting them up with some real info only to pull the rug big time !!!!!

Vet the fuck out of future Whistleblowers !!!! They can swing and miss you guys can’t miss once.

Edit : forgot to mention airline reptilian passenger which was spread far & wide turns out spoilt lady fighting over headphones!! Also post was up 6mins and got multiple downvotes ( proves my point 😂)

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