My kids have watched a lot of YouTubers in recent years. A lot of them are incredibly obnoxious but I’m extremely jealous of how much money some of these goofballs make… millions… just from messing around with silly pranks like filling their house with packing peanuts, or just providing commentary while playing video games. Anyway, if you haven’t seen them, consider yourself lucky, but do you know what you hear constantly when you watch them?

“Don’t forget to smash those like and subscribe buttons!”

“Stick around, next week I’m going to post a video that’s going to blow your mind!”

“Next month I’ll be doing what no YouTuber has ever done.”

“You’re not going to believe what I am going to show you…”

“Be sure to also follow me on Twitter and Instagram so you don’t miss out on anything!”

Does any or all of that sound familiar? It should, because some or all are a regular occurrence in this new “push for UAP/UFO disclosure” arena and it is making me sick. And it is often coming from the biggest names in all of this.

Them: “Oh, but I have to protect my sources…”

Me: No you don’t. You can spill every detail about what you know without name dropping anyone, you are just being selfish and choosing not to, because you want to feel special and you want people to keep coming to you so you can keep having your mug all over the news and in documentaries.

If NHIs/ETs are poking around, it’s the biggest story in human history. Withholding evidence is, at best… abhorrently shameful and forever unforgivable. It’s why I also do not believe that any of these disclosure-pushers have anything super convincing, even if they claim to have seen it themselves.

And in case it wasn’t obvious, I am not talking about David Grusch.

Thanks for reading.

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