There’s a set of arguments coming from officials, some in media, and the IC lately that boggles the mind for how distorted and distant it is from the reality the rest of us live in and I want to highlight a few of them and ask how we can reach people in this community and let them know how the outside world actually sees the situation.

Perspectives like:
-Experience with PTSD makes you worthless and dangerous, a crazy person we should’ve written off years ago
-The public isn’t ready/can’t handle the truth
-The government would/could never do something like this!

First off, just about everyone either has gone through post traumatic stress or knows somebody who has and we don’t see it that way, this isn’t the 1950s where not being a robot was seen as sign of personal defect. We’ve come a long way and this is way of viewing PTSD is fringe at best.

The public literally has gone through about 80 years of nuclear brinksmanship and cold war after a world war in which a country industrialized the process of mass murder and we just survived a global pandemic. The perpetual existential threat of being turned into a shadow on the sidewalk for 2 generations is about as extreme a public situation as it gets, the public has been ready to hear this for at least 60-70 years.

The people involved in the leadership of the IC when all this started were the type to run projects like MK Ultra to forcibly install capitalist realism into the public and to start a race war (Helter Skelter and Ted K anyone?) and just about nobody was ever punished, most of those people stayed in or very close to government until their deaths and never faced punishment. The JFK docs that by law had to be released years ago are STILL being withheld and it’s more clear than ever that there was significant government involvement with everyone involved.

If you’re in the IC or DoD programs and you’re a whistleblower or potential whistleblower, please realize the perspectives being painted for you from on high are gaslighting lies completely out of touch with reality and the public’s perspective and views. They’ve got you thinking you’ll be humiliated, seen as a criminal, or worse. Every single abuser tries to make their victims believe the world is against them and that they are protecting you. They aren’t, they are you’re abuser and they are gaslighting you in a way that will cause your actions to turn the public against you, like the colleague that tried to slander Grusch here – the public is furious at you for what you’ve done here, they don’t support you anymore, because you fell for management’s lies. Stop aiding and abetting their wicked cause, break free from the abuse and realize the world has your back.

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