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So I just finished reading The Intercept’s hit piece.
It’s a slimy and dirty article attempting to discredit David Grusch, who himself admitted to having suffered from PTSD and even detailed the incident mentioned by The Intercept.

While reading all of the emotional responses something clicked.

It sounds like a trap was laid for Coulthart, luring him into publicly making a statement by saying The Intercept had obtained “medical records” (would have been a crime to leak this as we all know). Then the author waited for Coulthart’s response….The Sherrif correctly confirmed no MEDICAL records were provided to anyone from his office (what was leaked were police records only, legally, under FOIA) and the intercept author simply waited for Coulthart and co. to freak out about Medical records being released (which would have been extremely illegal). Now, armed with all of the public hysterical statements about medical records the author simply went and used all their posts to make a shitty hit piece article, attacking Grusch’s character based on his past struggles and using the public outcry about illegally leaked medical records (info he himself probably fed to Grusch/Coulthart) to make them all look like paranoid idiots.

It’s slimy, but it’s also smart. Coulthart has some work to do to explain this fuckup. Grusch doesn’t deserve this at all, but at least it looks like he was mentally prepared to be dragged through the mud as he himself stated he was aware of retaliation action being planned against him and others.

This was a cleverly planted trap. The author also mentioned a former co-worker of Grusch assisted with the FOIA, which is probably somebody hostile to the UAP secret being leaked.

Grusch did not take the bait. He made no claims of info being illegally leaked. If you read his statement, he only got ahead of the article by releasing the info himself without accusing anyone. The true fuckup was Coulthart and by extension Burchett and others who ate up what he said. They should have simply let Grusch’s statement speak for itself.

EDIT: Just wanted to add, I don’t think this will hurt Grusch’s credibility. It will hurt Coulthart’s and possibly Burchett’s. Let us not forget that the really important stuff is the evidence and 1st hand witnesses that testified and provided data to the ICIG. This article won’t matter a single bit once the accusations are properly investigated.

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