FL-021519 How far into the competition continuum doctrine? Defense Report.

FL-220319 PSV, UAS, and MilOrbs: The Competition Continuum and Deterrence.****

“MSC usually charters container ships and tankers from large operators such as Maersk. These operators are continuously building ships in production numbers. Container ships and tankers are much larger than combat logistics ships. The operators can design features into the ships MSC habitually charters such as underwater signature control, side protection systems, and AI controlled robotic damage control and appropriate adaption for modular combat system installations at little additional cost.”

“Our mission is to replicate enemy threats to space-based and space-enabled systems during tests and training exercises, and to do this effectively we use all possible platforms and technological means at hand, including DENIED advanced ISR assets of which the blue force knows nothing at all. Not even that they exist. All in all, the classical role of the Air Force being able to penetrate an airspace protected by an integrated air defense system is no longer a problem set that can be solved using Air Force assets and capabilities alone. You need to take a multi-platform approach, and this means using platforms which are not listed in our catalogue of resources because of their secretive nature.”

“DENIED was conceived as a High-Altitude Pseudo Satellite (HAPS) operating in the mid-to-high altitudes of the stratosphere, while PSVs are transmedium vehicles. The deployment of these systems was due to the requirement that we bring promising technology into the field faster. But, you know, we deployed these systems without anybody being ready to deal with them. The number of UAPs sightings by pilots correlates smoothly with our deployment of advanced systems. The problem is that rather than a perfect product design, the goal was to produce a prototype quickly and then refine it through rapid iterations, which led to a situation in which our own ISR segment is increasingly reporting strange and bizarre encounters with objects they do not understand while, at the same time, we are forced to keep silent about them for security reasons.”


“It is a container transport merchant ship, but inside each container are subsystems and modules that make up advanced electronic reconnaissance and SiGint equipment. To all intents and purposes we operate as a container ship, with all shipping documents in order. The ship is perfectly identified with its documents issued by the shipping company. But it is a military ship whose existence is known only to DENIED. In this way, we can carry out our control and surveillance work in secret. No one knows of our existence, at least not officially. We cannot share the data we have collected with the other services because, for all intents and purposes, we do not exist. So yes, we have images and a whole package of high quality intelligence about the UAPs, but for the reasons mentioned above we cannot distribute that information. To anybody.”

“The most disruptive force is technology and the advantages it grants to both hiders and finders. Hiders benefit from emerging and disruptive technologies that allow them to frustrate and evade finders. DENIED ships are one of those tools we need to monitor and detect adversary activities across the world covertly. If our UAP data were made public, people would want to know how it was obtained, in what form, from what platform, when and where, and these are questions we do not want to and cannot answer.”

“The problem with the study of non-human intelligent vehicles is precisely that: we will never know whether they are human or not, nor will we be able to draw conclusions from the data collected because neither the data is shared nor do we know what exotic toys this or that intelligence service or agency has. That is the situation today and that will be the situation tomorrow. Add to this that there are civilian satellites that are actually military, merchant ships that are not, orbital, terrestrial or aerial platforms whose existence no one will recognize, and finally add to this extremely quasi-magical advanced technologies deployed that, for security reasons, only a few know about. That’s your UAP zoo.”


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