David Grusch went out of his way to make a whistle-blower complaint knowing that these kind of things rarely have a happy ending, Made not just one complaint but two, Both to DOD and the IC inspector generals, And did it despite active harassment, intimidation and reprisal attempts. Gave up a stellar career in intelligence where he was climbing the career ladder at an insane pace. (He was the civilian equivalent of a full-bird Colonel in his mid 30s, That’s one step below a brigadier General!) and gave it up so he can be able to inform the public, Knowing full well that it will bring him ridicule, and that the gatekeepers will dig up dirt on him (As he admitted in his news-station interview). He went so far to put his neck on the line that he publicly testified under oath to congress. It was actually the legacy program insiders duty to report these illegal programs to the inspector general once been read-in on them, Not David Grusch. He had to do their duty for them.

I hope those currently or previously worked directly on the legacy program watch the courage of David Grusch and finally decide to grow a spine and muster up the decency to come forward publicly and and corroborate his claims. It’s indefensible at this moment to sit on the side-lines and to watch him go through this alone.

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