There’s people who had their entire face ripped off eyeballs gouged out and drained of blood and you mean to tell me a bunch of foreign miners hunting for cobalt and gold were able to do all that with measily pickaxes? Like critically think people another funny one I heard was they were crack addicted miners that couldn’t feel pain even though these aliens skin had resistance to conventional gunfire from some of the Peruvians speaking out about it.

There’s even blurry photos that I doubt are faked of obvious greys you could make out the infamous black eye lens just fine. You had people seeing UFOs and these beings emerging from them and fighting them why would 10s of 100s of Peruvians make this up and also why would an entire country waste military resources on a known problem of foreign miners causing problems just doesn’t make sense that stuffs been happening on and off for years and suddenly they make a big deal about it now? Doesn’t pass the smell taste.not buying it.

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