Hello friends. I have been absolutely glued to these videos since they resurfaced. I have posted many large comments contributing to various discoveries of the videos and making sure they get the time in the sun they deserve.

I wanted to maybe just give a pleasant hypothetical here. After Grusch has helped open our minds a bit more (even for the biggest believers among us), we maybe have gained some better perspective and are willing to accept even the most shocking of realities.

But lets maybe step back, hope that at least some of these NHI have our best interests in mind, and that the government has essentially been taken hostage by this insider oligarchy to prevent disclosure. Lets run with the zookeeper angle as it does seem be fairly palatable reality for most of us. (I think the 4chan dude really helped us gain this perspective). That at least some NHI are tasked with protecting us as we are a rare type of intelligence in the universe. Like an endangered species in a reserve. Too fragile to not protect and too dangerous to leave alone. We are being babysat until we grow up enough to join the galactic community.

I would like to propose the possibility that this aircraft was doomed. It was some explanation of pilot intention, fire from lithium batteries, classified cargo, or other distress. All aboard were about to die. Then either by their own volition, or at our behest, the NHI decided to rescue the plane and send them somewhere they could survive. Who knows what this reality looks like; LOST, another planet, The Matrix, another dimension, something more esoteric? I came across some remote viewing (which I take with heavy salt) about MH370 that gave me some peace of mind, some other possibilities. That perhaps this plane full of artists, engineers, scientists, mothers, fathers, children.. are thriving on “another world” somewhere. Enjoying nature and starting a community of peace.

Much sci-fi has explored the “rescuing of souls” at their last moments. Either as a recruiting method or simply preservation of life/intelligence. I vote we continue to keep our minds open as much as possible for if this is the ontological shock we are all in for, I very much empathize with those who are not as insane as we are. <3

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