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First I want to say before this is downvoted to oblivion, that since I joined this sub a few weeks ago, it has changed my Reddit experience. The posts are fascinating, well thought out and just really fun to rabbit hole in. It is also changed the way I look at the sky.

What I’m trying to say here is when my family asked about this subject and the hearing, my best use of time to show them is to have them listen to an entire interview by Fravor- I h ad my come to Jesus moment in 2017 when I heard him speak in detail and now I see them having their own existential battles. Nobody in my house was listening to a 2-3 hour interview of him in 2017. Im a lawyer so I always look at evidence through that perspective.

As everyone knows, there is confirmation of his encounter by 3 other aviators, the video by Underwood, and people on the Princeton. If I was a prosecutor and presented the case to a jury as a criminal matter, I could prove that Fravor’s account and expert opinion (you never have a direct witness who is also an expert) along with the rest, is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the tic tac appeared and moved as it did. Fravor, the expert in identifying known aircraft and who works in classified aerospace currently has also testified that in his opinion it’s NHI.

I do not know if I can prove NHI based on his testimony, but we can certainly say he they saw what they describe and that the US will not have that technology in 10 years.

Short story is when non believers ask, I only point to this. Graves is close, but I believe it’s him witnessing one that he can’t probably talk about and that event is supported by the hearsay Graves heard. I think his story is absolutely true, we just need more reliable evidence which is there but we cannot see.

These are also the strongest allegations because they are immune from disinformation, these guys saw whatever they are with their own eyes. Direct evidence from serval sources is the gold standard in law and in life in my opinion.

I know this isn’t the standard for this sub, nor should it be, it’s just that as a lawyer the biggest mindfuck for me, who lives in the world of allegations and supporting those allegations, is the Nimitz encounter and specifically Fravor’s consistent memory of the events.

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