The congressional hearing was beyond any true believers wildest dreams. They actually spilled the beans. But what changed? Media didn’t even cover it properly. Science and society as a whole didn’t even blink. The burden of proof is on the whistle-blowers, at the moment its only words. I dream with the day they will roll out the saucers and make a parade in NYC so everyone can see. But this will NEVER happen. What will happen is the secrecy will get deeper. Everything has a reaction. This hearing is unacceptable for the gatekeepers. In their eyes its a complete crisis and this will either shatter or strengthen their system at the end of it. I truly hope that disclosure will go all the way this time and we dont have to wait almost a century for another congressional hearing. But what I fear is that a lot of people will be “dealt with”, a lot of files will be burned and our precious saucers will be rolled out, but not to the public to see, but either to another secret location to shuffle and confuse those that seek it. Imagine congress doing all proper procedures to validate the claims and when they enter the locations there is nothing there but experimental jets. This is it guys. We are in an all or nothing moment. Either this shatters the secrecy or the system will adapt in such a way that we may never even have leaks and whistle-blowers ever again.

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