The psychology of how the Coverup manipulates you with their lie that they can make alien technology… and why you believe it

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The Propaganda Machine: This narrative is essentially running propaganda for the cover-up. But the realization I’ve come to is that you can’t truly educate people on how things work. They often don’t want to know. I’ve seen this firsthand when discussing disinformation. There’s bound to be a ton of disinformation, especially in a topic as vast as this. Yet, many don’t want to delve deeper or do the necessary work to discern truth from fiction.

The Power of Authority: If you present information with a semblance of internal credibility, making it appear as if you’re an insider, people are more inclined to take you seriously. This is because people inherently trust authority. Act authoritative, and they’re more likely to believe you. If you lay out the facts logically, requiring them to infer and think critically, many won’t engage. This is why the narrative of governments withholding alien technology due to malicious intent succeeds. It’s not built on logic but on emotional logic.

Emotional Logic vs. Rationality: This narrative doesn’t succeed by laying out logical arguments. Instead, it thrives on emotional logic. Many believe that governments and corporations are inherently malicious, based on their life experiences. This narrative taps into that belief, using it against the very people it’s meant to deceive. It’s a form of gaslighting, convincing them of a reality that isn’t in their best interest.

The Crafted Lie: The lie is twofold: “We have this technology,” and “We can’t release it because we want power and control.” The genius of this narrative is that it’s also laced with fear. “We could release it, but it would destroy the world economy.” This narrative has persisted because the psychological conditions that make it effective haven’t changed in decades.

The Real Scenario: Imagine this: They had about 15 to 20 years to figure out this technology but failed. They knew they couldn’t keep the existence of these aircrafts a secret forever. They needed a reason for withholding it. Admitting a lack of understanding or control was out of the question. So, in a hypothetical brainstorming session, the masterminds of psychological manipulation devised the perfect narrative: “We could release it, but it would destroy your world.” This narrative would make people fearful, aligning them with the government’s interests, even if begrudgingly.

The Emotional Play: To add more weight to this narrative, they played on the public’s distrust. “We could release it, but we want power. We want you to suffer.” This narrative is brilliant because it aligns with the public’s pre-existing beliefs about government and corporate intentions.

The True Concern: The real concern isn’t about the technology destroying the oil industry. It’s about control. If the public knew about advanced extraterrestrial species and realized that our governments were powerless in comparison, why would they listen to them? The hierarchy would be threatened. The narrative serves as a self-serving lie to maintain the illusion of control in the face of greater, unknown forces.

The Bottom Line: You can either see through this narrative and seek the truth or play into the cover-up. Perhaps, deep down, there’s a part of you that wants to believe the government has everything under control. This fear, whether innate or instilled, gives them even more control. It might even make you more susceptible to their lies. The choice is yours.

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